Monday, December 15, 2008

Egyptian aftermath

The land of egypt were left in ruins only sumthings were left standing.Eyptians still lived in egypt but it is easy to say they were never the same. It was also the end of the pyrimad area so they couldnt make any more. But some Pyramids were damaged.

Falling of egyptian army

After a long time egypt finaly fell, the egyptian empire had end with a war against the romans. Before the fall of egypt they had been getting attacked by smaller forces. This kind of mad egyptians week in little places. Because some of the enemy groups had got through the walls and cause major damage. But i bet you are thinking What about that big army. Well Egypt had been in a number of fight and they were still in one. So the egyptains were kind of weakened when the romens came.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Egyptian army size

Did the egyptians have the biggest army of there time? Yes they did,this was because egyptian army was stoping the growth of other group's army. This was a good advantage to the egyptians because this aloud them to rule more land and have a bigger population. The populatoin started to grow and so did the army. But This also meant sumthingn else, that egypt would be a big target and also have more enemys.

Conquering and discovering Egypt

Most of egyptian land was not conquered,it is were they just started living. But as there population grew so did there army. They started running out of space in the land they were in so they decided to spread. So as the army attacked lands and conquerd more. The Population grew even more ,so did the army. so by spreading it gave egypt more enimes but a bigger army. The government also had the right to send anybody who owed anything to war.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Egyptian Weapons

The Egyptians had allot of weapons,But my favorite was the sword. The weapons they usually used were ,Battle axes,Battle maces,Daggers,Khopesh,Spears,and Swords. But the army Rarely used the daggers it was , given to priest and kings to protect them selves. Alot of the Egyptian Armor and weapons were made of bronze. This was good to them at first Because they had the same as everyone else. Then alot of other groups started learning how to smelt iron so this put Egyptians to a disadvantage. Another reason was because will other lands just had Iron ,Egyptians had to import it.

Why do you think egypt had such a big army?

What are three kinds of weapons the egyptians used?

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